Free webinar on Feb 27th to review 2018 compliance news and regulatory enforcement at the federal and state level. Register Here

Free webinar on Feb 27th to review 2018 compliance news and regulatory enforcement at the federal and state level. Register Here

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Customer Conversations

PossibleNOW technology enables over 600 global brands to listen, remember and respond to their customers by leveraging the information that matters most: customer communication permissions and preferences.

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Industries We Serve

Banking & Financial

Deliver a more personalized customer experience, no matter how complex your banking environment

  • Listen and remember your customers’ communication preferences via all touchpoints - branch locations, ATM, drive through windows, web site, or email
  • Enable enrollment in communications during account setup or creation
  • Collect consent for calls or text messages to mobile devices for TCPA compliance
  • Provide a central mechanism for customers to opt-in or opt-out or change communication channels or topics of interest

Cable & Telecomm

Enhance the experience in a highly competitive, customer-driven, on-demand world

  • Help reduce high customer acquisition costs by providing a more engaging, relevant customer experience
  • Maintain high level of subscriber satisfaction, reduce turnover by honoring customer contact preferences
  • Provide communication options to avoid channel-closing opt-outs
  • Mitigate privacy compliance risk by honoring communication preferences of prospects & subscribers

Energy & Utilities

Differentiate yourself through an outstanding digital customer experience

  • Better serve huge customer bases; enable self-service options; improve customer communications
  • Support complex service offerings; provide more personalized account servicing
  • Honor customer contact preferences for billing alerts, outage notices, meter readings, and more

Healthcare & Pharma

Despite changing regulations, rising costs and delivery system complexity, one thing is constant - the need to focus on the member/patient experience

  • Help consumers & members make more informed decisions; use preferences for continuous improvement
  • Collect preferences anywhere you interact with members or patients (call center, email, web site & more)
  • Reduce internal confusion & member frustration with a consolidated, centralized preference repository
  • Be better prepared to respond to changing privacy regulations; integrate more easily with new technology


Increase member & prospective member engagement through authentic, personalized dialogue

  • Use preferences for a unified view and greater insight into members and prospects
  • Use preferences in a collaborative and compliant manner that creates value for members
  • Increase cost-savings through use of digital channels while enhancing the customer experience

Media & Communications

Reduce complexity by centralizing preference data across the enterprise

  • Collect preferences anywhere you interact with prospects and customers; via account management or IVR, or via channels such as email, call centers and social media
  • Simplify organizational complexity with centralized preferences repository; avoid siloed databases
  • Integrate with marketing automation systems, CRMS & more; get flexibility for expansion


Untangle the web of the new retail customer journey by providing a better 1:1 customer experience online & in person

  • Use preference management to adapt to the new non-linear customer journey; communicate more effectively with customers and prospects on their terms
  • Create a stronger experience by knowing your customers’ preferences
  • Collect preferences wherever customers interact with you — point of sale, email, social media, web site, and more
  • Capture communication and content preferences; design communications around customer preferences

Travel & Hospitality

Keep guest satisfaction high by enhancing the human to human experience, both digital and offline

  • Reduce or eliminate siloed data; empower all stakeholders with access to customer preference information
  • Collect express consent for calls and text messages to mobile devices
  • Focus on the guest no matter which communication channel they prefer

What our customers are saying

Thomson Reuters

The Challenge

"The challenge is to get a single, unified view of our customer to make our multi-channel marketing more effective..."

-- Diangelo Tyler, Thomson Reuters

The Solution

"PossibleNOW’s Preference Management technology plus their services helps us be more progressive and imaginative..."

-- Diangelo Tyler, Thomson Reuters


The Challenge

"Internal issues were the biggest challenge that our organization faced in implementing a preference center..."

-- Tim O’Brien, Intuit

The Solution

"The use of opt-down options in a preference center saved 50,000 customers..."

-- Tim O’Brien, Intuit


The Challenge

"It is crucial to break down the data silos... the departments must talk to each other..."

-- Jane Bulman, Comcast

The Solution

"Our preference management path lets us market to the customer based on what they want...It has to be about the customer."

-- Jane Bulman, Comcast


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