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Solutions & services for GDPR and CCPA compliance Read More

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Preference Management

Go beyond marketing to customers.
Drive meaningful interactions with them.

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    Be Heard

    The new breed of customer wants their voice to be heard. They want to control the conversation.

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    Engage Anywhere

    They want to engage with your brand or company on their terms -- through the touchpoints that they prefer -- email, mobile, social, web site, contact center or any combination of these.


Preference management gives people a voice

Preference management gives people a voice -- build trust and a more mutually beneficial relationship while maintaining compliance.


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Preference Management gives people a voice.
Our technology enables you to hear it.

Preference Management

MyPreferences® is the technology that lets you accomplish all of this. You’ll learn what your prospects and customers have to say about their marketing, account servicing and privacy preferences by collecting, maintaining and updating their preferences.

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    Enhance the overall customer experiences.

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    Know your customers beyond their transactions.

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    Increase customer engagement by providing a more personalized, relevant experience.

5 Reasons Why Enterprises Fail
77% of consumers say that companies should let them decide how they can contact them.

So, what is a preference?

  • A preference connects a
    person to a specific item...

    • marketing campaign
    • product interest
    • activity alert
    • account notification

    ...through a
    specific channel.

    • email
    • phone / text
    • social media
    • direct mail
What is Enterprise Preference Management?

What is Enterprise Preference Management?

Preference management gives customers and prospects a voice in how they engage with your organization. Our technology enables you to hear that voice -- and honor it. By allowing customers and prospects to control how they wish to interact with your brand or organization, you build customer loyalty and engagement. And, you can do this across multiple channels -- email, mobile, social and more -- and get a single, unified view of each customer’s preference across the organization.

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What Our Customers Say

We could go on forever about the benefits of enterprise preference management, but sometimes it’s better to let our customers do the talking.

Listen to their challenges and solutions — and get inspired!


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